Wednesday, April 28, 2010


I have to have knee surgery. Not surprising since I still have issues with it 3 months after I sprained it. I have to have my meniscus repaired and the doctor will look at my acl to see if that also needs to be repaired. Hopefully it'll just be the meniscus.

I'm actually pretty nervous about it. I am not one for pain. Come to think of it, I don't think anyone is. With us trying to sell the house, my stress level has gone up a bit more. I worry about the care of my children while in recovery, how soon am I able to get up and walk around? How much pain is this going to entail? Will I have adequete pain management while still being able to care for the house and my children? Who will come help me those first two weeks? Am I going to find a sitter for my children while I go to physical therapy 3 days a week for 3 weeks?

So much goes through my mind about this. . . . .

Friday, April 23, 2010

So .. .

A fresh blog for a fresh new start, I suppose. Clearing things out of the house to sell it. It seems a little depressing watching all my stuff come down to put fresh new paint up and all. Selling this house means a new begining for another part of my life.

A new life either here in the same area or in another part of the world. The children are at a place now where they are wanting to stay here. This is house is all they have ever known, really. The younger two learned to crawl, walk and talk here. The youngest was born here! The oldest, Moira, never remembers living in Texas or any of our life back there. I really do love living here. I call this place my home now. My hometown. I could very easily see myself growing old here in a nice little home somewhere close by. But, alas, my husband and God has other plans. Which fuels my desire to travel and to appreciate home, wherever it may be. That wherever God has us go, as long as I have Him, my husband and my children, I'm happy.

I've been learning lately to depend more and more on God. That He wants a relationship with me and not just a parent/toddler kind of one. Know what I mean? God's been showing me how very imperfect I am and how much I really need to rely on His grace and mercy to get through every hour of each day. Truthfully though, I feel like I haven't been doing such a great job but I hope each day will find me closer to Him and in then closer to my husband.

Anyhow, I better sign off. . . . my first blog in years is very scattered but I hope to get more cohesion as time goes on!