Saturday, May 29, 2010


I've decided I don't like selling my home. People just say things that I can't even change. Say, on Friday, the buyer said the rooms were too boxy. Another said they didn't like the floor plan and the street parking. As if I could just change how the rooms are and where people park? Here, let me pull money out of the sky to change it to what YOU want, will that make you want to buy my house any more? I didn't think so. Why even come to my home and say those things? Just say the home doesn't work for you and leave it at that. Or give feedback that I can actually do that is cost efficiant? Say, I can update the cabinets, new handles and a sanding down/repainting of them. Maybe new counters, I can do that. But to say my house is too old or that you don't like my neighborhood just irritates me. I don't want to know that because I can't FIX that!!

The next home we purchase will hopefully be the home we live in till we are old and gray. This is too stressful. I want to throw my hands up.

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  1. Selling one's house suuuuuuuuuuuuucks. I agree that feedback should be something you can control. Sending you lots of hugs.