Sunday, July 4, 2010


Excitement is abound in my house. Why? Because the man is coming home. The breadwinner, the husband, the father, the best friend. He may only be home for a few short weeks, enough to get over the time change and back he goes half way across the world. BUT this trip means we are half way through our deployment. The stress will be gone for a little bit and we will only worry about spending time together. As a family and as a couple. Gosh I miss him. It's one thing when we didn't have children and our marriage was a bit wishy washy.

Now we have kids and we're more committed to each other as a married couple than ever. Our relationship is more centered on God than on how we FEEL. Does this make sense? And our kids see this, well, I hope they do and that I also hope it reflects in their life too. Anyways.

We are also moving soon and we're excited about where we are going. It will be a nice break from crazy traffic life and slow down. I love moving. Just not the transition. I have never done well with transition. But knowing where we are going helps a lot and we have plans of action if some things don't go as wanted helps a lot too. The Mister reminds me constantly that God knows and His timing is always perfect.

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