Wednesday, August 11, 2010

DMV, I love you. . .

This morning I attempted to renew the registration on my husband's vehicle but I was unable to online or on the automated phone line. Much to my dismay, I have to make a treck to the actual DMV with all my kids in tow. Why you ask? Because they want to see me. . . .. with my Power of Attorney. They want to know that I am not using his information for some malicous reason. Like not paying certain property taxes where he is exempt from paying because he is active duty miltary.
So lovely. I enjoy going to the DMV. Not really. Department of Motor Vehicles is the actual bain of my existence. I pray to go in there with no detesting and a smile on my face. I will not get stressed out when my children start running the legnth of the building and laugh at the security guard when s/he tells them to obey me. I will love the looks from the elderly that wish they were secretly back in their homes away from my noisy kids. Oh I want to cry and I have not even left my house yet.

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