Thursday, August 5, 2010


I love my kids. They sure do break up my day and make it enjoyable. Although we have had no blow ups of any poopy kinds lately. (You wait, as soon as I am done here there will be a poo blow out.) I do have a son who is exploding in his vocabulary. My daughters have taught him to say "Booyah" which, when he utters it comes out: "Boo. AH! HA HA HA!" It's quite funny when said in the comissary surrounded by elderly shoppers in the cereal aisle.

Speaking of poopy kinds, Alex-Boy is potty training. Officially. "Fun! Yay, Good for you!" is what you say but what you SHOULD say is "Oh I'm sorry for all that extra cleaning you have to do." And then you should offer to follow him around whilst he runs with neeky bottoms. Yup. That's how my girls did it. And while I did not mind cleaning up after them, I also did not have my home up for sale and rather new flooring all through my house. I am in need of some different ideas.

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