Thursday, August 19, 2010

I have the Joy down in my heart, HUH?

Today in the the car, I put on Veggie Tales Sunday Morning Songs. Very nice since all my children L-O-V-E this particular album. The song "I've got the joy joy joy down in my heart" came on and, in pure Veggie Tales fashion, after each "Down in my heart" Larry says "Where?" or "Huh?" And of course my Alex is always a beat late with this since he is still learning the whole melody and beat thing, you know being 2 and all. He'll get the hang of it. I hope.

Beats, timing and music seem to be our "new" love again. We have an array of children music we love, for example, we love Laurie Berkner, Veggie Tales, Go Fish and several Christian music artists like Chris Tomlin and Kutlass. We are again stomping around like dinosaurs and showing each other our uvulas, or scibia according to Eliza. (And if you don't know what your uvula is, please feel free to ask my 7 yr old or my 5 yr old. . . . . Go ahead, they know where it is. Or better yet, ask my 2 yr old, I'm sure he can tell you too.) My children also happen to love the music from our previous phonics program, Alphabet Island. It is so popular that I had to copy it to my iPod. So if you want to learn about your vowels, short and long, which ones are boys or girls, and which order they go in to make our spelling words, by all means please come over.

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  1. I heard that Go Fish is going to have a new CD called "Kickin it Old School." They have redone some hymns for kids! I don't know, maybe it's already out in stores? I would have to double check that.