Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A little OCD?

So I'm a little obsessive sometimes. Like when I get an itch to clean out my van! I love my van. Only way you can tell is that I practically live in it. The van has mats on top of the carpet, which is a very good thing since we sometimes picnic in there. The mats may have started out the same colour as the rugs but it is now a rainbow of stains. There are pink, brown and black stains of various shades that do not come out, no matter how many times I have it professionally steam cleaned. Trust me. It's been shampooed and steam cleaned and scrubbed with elbow grease by yours truly. Stains are not coming out. Seats are too but I assure you the seats are alright, you will not grab a print on your rear end if you sit in my car.

Anyhow, I cleared it out today. Took the chairs out and vacuumed. Wiped it out with hot soapy water. It may not be pretty and you can't eat off the floor but you will not crunch on some random cookie someone left on the floor or slip on the other banana peel my son threw down. And you will able to see the floor in all it's stained glory plus I will not have to clear off the chair for you to just sit in there for a ride! :)

And yes, I did fairly well today on my way to a healthy self! Woot!

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