Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Potty Bliss?

I love potty training. Well, I should call it Potty Bliss. Soon I will no longer have to purchase diapers. Or wipes. I will not spend $60 a month on various diapering paraphenlia. I can forgo that whole aisle completly at the comissary.

Currently my day consists of running a toddler to the potty in an attempt to teach him where certain body functions happen. Sure Sure, he knows where the SHOULD go. Whether or not he actually does it is a whole other story. I think, maybe, we have reached the critical point in our relationship now. Ha ha ha! He knows. And he knows I knows he knows. You know? Have I confused you yet?

Do not dispair. Do not do spell check on my blog. And do not come to my house without calling first. I have a plan. The plan involves purchasing lots of underroo's and stock in laundry detergent. And, with lots of prayer and work, by Christmas I will have a potty trained boy!!!

I want to remember this experience. Potty Bliss!

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