Sunday, August 29, 2010

So, what's your idol?

This journey of a healthy body really makes me hungry. I am hungry ALL THE TIME. Most of the time I am just a little rumbly but then after a couple hours, I am starving. And I really have to keep myself in check from gorging. Know what I mean? I know, it's a good thing since I eat more that I should normally. But I'm thinking of food constantly. I'm planning and thinking of the next meal, my next snack, what I have in my fridge or pantry that I can snack on, or what I can sneak eat because I really don't want my children to eat it (as in it's unhealthy or we're about to have a meal).

Totally my idol right now. And I'm trying really hard to distract myself from such thinking. Homeschooling seems to help and once Awana & socccer starts in a few weeks may also help me because I'll be forced to plan more carefully and not deviate from my weekly meal planning. Well, I know if I keep my focus on the good things I can keep my mind of the obvious!

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