Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Schooling is going great. I love having school at home. I feel more organized and life seems to flow easier. Not that I'm great at organizing. I'm horrible at it. I need to call in reinforcements every few months to help keep myself in check. Especially when the Mister is deployed. Heck, even when the Mister is home. Especially when he is home. I love teaching my kids. At least for now. I may change my mind tomorrow. You never really know with me. I'm sorta wishy washy that way.

Lately I've been more diligent in making sure all our schooling gets done and in a timely manner. Which has helped in the behavior department. Better schedules and good sleep does a Mommy good. Oh wait. I meant to say children. I sometimes think I am crazy for homeschooling. And, with the Mister deployed, I do go crazy some days. . . . Okay. I lie. On most days I do go crazy. Even with a good schedule in place, my SON still gets bored with his "school toys," the daughter who doesn't want to do her seat work while I'm working with her sister get up and cause a ruckus in another room. I would gladly grab some gates and gate everyone in but, NO. That would be too much for ME, the crazy woman who enjoys having her children at home.

Crazy, I tell you, is my new name. I wonder if there is a better way to manage the house? How does a normal person do this? I suppose a normal person would follow cultural norms of the 21st century, right? So I'm out there I geuss. I better rephrase that. How does a Christian Navy wife, mother and teacher to 3 children do it without losing too many marbles? I do not have too many to dole out but I suppose I can lose a few on the way if I had to.

I just realized that the Mister will be gone the rest of this year. Whew!!! We are finally down to the last few months! The end is near and I am ready for the long awaited homecoming! I wonder if this is what it will feel like when Jesus returns? Not that we know a sure day of that happening, but the anticipation of just KNOWING he's coming back soon. . . . . Hmmmm, you thinking what I'm thinking? That seeing Jesus, knowing he's coming to get YOU to take back to your real home is better than seeing your husband who hasn't been home in over a year? I know, no comparison, but gosh. If I'm this excited in anticipation to welcome the love of my life home, I can hardly imagine the joy of seeing Him when He comes to get me!

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  1. Caroline...I love you...I just love you! You ARE doing it mama, without question. No wondering how others get it done. You are that one. You get it done and you always have a smile and your children are never without. Your strong spirit and jovial nature is what gets them through the deployment as well. Remember, you're not going through it alone. They're with you and I'm here for you too! Anytime. Promise, promise. Most of all, He is with you. Look to Him in times of uncertainty. He will always steer you in the right direction. Sending tons of love to you. You are a gem! xoxo