Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I love our pediatrician, she's AWESOME

Took Ham to the pediatrician today. Mainly to help me feel better, normal? I don't know but I'm glad I did. My Ham, even though having a seizure just 4 days ago, is totally back to her normal self. She was literally bouncing off the walls telling jokes and reading books. Doctor comes in and asks, "What is wrong?" with an odd look on her face. Heh, now what?!?!?! Her doctor is passionate about supporting those with neurological issues. Which makes *me* as a mom feel better.

I love my kids pediatrician. Have I told you this? She knows my children by name, asks about them when on the off chance I only bring the appropriate child to the appointment. Asks about their dad. Asks if I have lost my marbles. I wish I could bring her with us.

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  1. praying for you guys! I had seizures as a child and was diagnosed with childhood epilespy... thankfully I grew out of it. Then, when we had foster children, one of them started having seizures when he was with us. very scary. I was so grateful that my own experience had taught me what to do and that it would be okay. It's truly terrifying in the moment though. So we're praying for you!