Thursday, October 7, 2010

Busy? What's that?

You know, I was looking towards this fall with joy thinking life was going to be not so busy since we're moving soon. And the children are not involved in half the stuff they are normally.


Fall is when everything thats normal starts.

Throw in your doc appts......
and a deployment...
and my house on the market.

Now you have yourself a crazy Mom.

School is year round at this point in my house so that never really changed.
And now I'm trying to move us to NE before snow hits there.

So. Where is my sanity you ask? Somewhere over the Atlantic Ocean sitting/walking in a big desert country where it's over 100 degrees every single day.

But, alas, I have a busy fall. Hope my spring is much calmer than my fall/winter. I am tired. I am just ready for my husband to come home. 17 months is just too long. I am not sure how I've lasted 12 months so far but I have, thanks to God and to super friends and family.

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