Sunday, October 31, 2010

We're Getting Ready

Things are gearing up. Packers and Movers are scheduled. Walk through with the movers is on Wednesday. I have help to clean soon after. I have help to take the Hubs car also. WHoohoo! I'm ready to get going.

My house also has an offer in the works! We're waiting on inspection and then approval from HAP. Pray it goes through and that repairs are fairly cheap and easy to repair. We really need those prayers!

Moving and moving. I need lists. And maybe a secretary so I can keep my life straight for the next three weeks. Can ya'll believe there is only three weeks left? With offers on the house, moving, soccer, Awana, school and Church I'm about to lose my marbles. Well. What's left of them.

I do enjoy being busy but it sure has me a coo coo trying to keep it all straight. My kids are reminding to do this or this. Oh and I'm supposed to be assisting Alex in potty training. Not so good on my end. I'm not very consistant. Potty training is FUN. Right?

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