Monday, December 27, 2010

Last holiday!

This holiday season was with lots of happiness, friends and family. But it wasn't without a little sadness! Couldn't be helped. I am missing my better half. The most important half of my life. My love, my best friend! With him across the world defending against who knows what with weapons only a handful of people know how to work. I just praise God that he is still alive and pray the weeks left till his arrival home pass quickly and very boringly. (Is that a word?)

And Christmas is not without a trip to the Emergency Room either. At least one child of many in our family spends the evening at the hospital for something. This year was our turn. My poor daughter got a concussion while sliding at the big slides in downtown Omaha Christmas evening. We were only there for approximately 40  minutes but it was long enough to get hurt. It was scary to see and hear her not remember anything except who I and her siblings were. She did not recognize her own grandmother who we have been staying with for the past month. Super scary and I do not want a repeat. Thank goodness she is doing much better today! :)

So today starts the last week of 2010. The start of a new year. January is starting to be my most favorite month of 2011 and it hasn't even started yet!!! A birthday, a homecoming and lots of love!

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