Tuesday, December 14, 2010

We're here!

After a week of packers, movers, cleaning and then another week of traveling, we made it safely to Nebraska! *Cheers and Hollers!* We beat snow, ice, and wind chills just in time. One week later (last weekend) we get our first taste of frigidness in the form of wind chills proceeded with snow. Not a lot of snow, just enough that the Monkeys can romp in it and pray to God for lots more for a white Christmas.

We are here two weeks already. One break down so far by oldest Monkey for missing her friends and church back in Virginia. But happy that we are here safe and with all sanity in tact. Now all that's left is for the Husband to come home! One more month and we are reunited. Weeks are under 10. So now it really is the last leg and I can hardly wait. :)

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