Sunday, February 20, 2011

Baking bug?

I've caught some sort of baking bug. Which would be all awesome and stuff except for one thing.

                                  I'm trying to lose weight.

Oh and one more thing:
                                  My husband isn't a sweets eater.

So. Yea. Who to share my goodies with? I suppose I could feed the troops but, alas, children can only eat sweets and bread for so long before getting tummy aches and loads of cavities. And besides, I'm not one for having hyped up sugary kids while teaching them.

OH! I know!!
                                 The Neighbors.

You know THEY will love the cinnamon rolls I made, courtesy of the Pioneer Woman cookbook, that are so yummy. And maybe we'll get to know them better, or at least their names.

                               Being on a name basis with neighbors is always a good thing, right?

More on that later, neighborly love is coming out tomorrow!

1 comment:

  1. I like the Pioneer Woman cookbook, especially her roast with rosemary! Cinnamon rolls sound good right now, too! If I were there, I'd gladly take some off your hands for you. :o) Sharing with your neighbors would have fit right in with our Missions conference this past week. We miss you, Caroline!