Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Mom, I want to go to the gym with you!

I have a friend. A friend who said "Hey, let's go to the gym together at a set time a few times a week. Bring your kids and it'll be fun." Who can say no to that?

Not Me.

Today was day two of our regularly gym schedule. Sure, we've gone a few times before and we always do the same types of things.
Well, today, we did the same machines but I decided to try the elliptical a little differently. Instead of just the normal 20 minutes, I pushed the aerobics mode for the set amount of time.

Little did I know what I was getting myself into.

It had me pulling, pushing, just my legs and BACKWARDS. Yes. You read that right. You want me to say it again?

The Elliptical Machine had me going backwards.

I about fell over. Moira even came over from her spot at the indoor playground enclosure to ask if I was okay. Well. I lie. She asked for some water.

So now I must get ready for Awana tonight with burning legs and arms.

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