Thursday, March 31, 2011

It's a busy life

I wish sometimes life would slow down. That I could sleep in till 10 am because I stayed up too late reading a book. Instead I have 4 loves in my home that need me.

Like these cute and awesome children. . .  ..

And my awesome husband. .

So off I go from the blog. . . more tomorrow. :)

Monday, March 14, 2011

Spring time. I love it.

I think I want to marry Spring.

Oh wait.
I'm already married.

But still. I love it. I am planning a garden. WHY? Well, I'm trying to reduce our grocery bill a bit. I love the idea of growing our food and, at the same time, keeping some money in our bank account.

Seriously. Trying to be a little thrifty here. I'm not too good at it. Can do it though. We rented this house with the knowledge we'll be debt free by March 2012, minus the car. YIPPEE!!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

things are changing!

Life is GREAT. Spring is in the air even if the cold wintry blusts of air are fighting the warm sun moments through our day. Still. I sit in my house all wrapped up in a blanket.

I am seriously thinking of getting a space heater for the basement. Simply because by the time we are done with school, all of us are cold and we stand in front of the sliding glass doors where the sun streams in for a good 10 min every day. But it should be warm up enough soon that the basement will soon become our haven from the hot upstairs.

I'm waiting for that moment. Until then, we will suffer till next winter.

Lately, I've been on this diet kick. No real weight loss yet. A little here and there but then I bing and gain the 4 pounds back. I know for sure I'm not winning the contest but for sure I hope to get my $10 back! I need to get on the ball and burn more than I'm eating. I worked out twice yesterday and once already today. I hope to make it to the gym tonight while kids are at Awana. But we'll see. I may do another workout video to pack a little punch.

Pray for me to just STOP.
To stop eating.
Sure, the crackers are good but do I really need to eat the half the box in one sitting? NO.
Or go for the huge portion? No.

I just need to feel satisfied and stop there.
I tell ya. My mouth gets bored and I normally just eat to keep my mouth going. Nuts. Time for some retraining!!