Wednesday, July 20, 2011


It's been crazy around here! Half the summer is over and the flurry of activity is about to come to a close. One more big thing on the horizon: CAMP.

My Big Girl. Moira. 8 Years Young. She is attending her first ever sleep away camp.

It'll be a blink and she'll be off to college. And then another she'll be getting married and having kids of her own. I want to remember her at every stage of life while still clinging to the memories from before. My first baby girl. She is an awesome person and I love being around her.

Anyhow. . . On Monday morning she is off to camp. For five days. With a bunch of kids from church. I sure am going to miss her and I hope she has tons of fun. Making new friends and learning about God. :)
And I hope I don't lose it. Because you know I will.

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