Friday, May 18, 2012

Heavy Burdens

Right now we have heavy burdens. I almost want to buckle right now. Schuyler's PTSD is really quite something. You think "Oh, he's okay. He looks and acts alright." But then we go to a baseball game and stay for the fireworks while a guy is down by home plate singing the Star Spangled Banner. All the while your husband is rocking back and forth with fingers in his ears, eyes squeezed shut, hoping, PRAYING the fireworks to hurry up and finish. I knew we should have left at the bottom of the 8th. I knew it.

I'm reminded how fragile he still is. How fragile we all are as his family, his support.

So right now, I'm just asking for prayers. Prayers for him. Prayers for me, our children, and extended family. To know how to help, how to cope, how not to go crazy in this process of healing. As it is, his career in the Navy is at a stand still. In the middle of not knowing for sure where or what will happen. We have an idea of where it's going.

New territory in the military. Something I wish we never knew. Uncertainty is not my friend. Not knowing what's next because I don't know anyone else who has been through it before. And each case is different so no one person will know for sure. But the process is in motion, we'll know in approximately 6 months.

Alright so now this is sort of a depressing blog entry but I really wanted to get it out there. We need prayer. We need it. I don't like being a broken record. But I also don't like seeing my husband suffer after serving our country far away from us in a place full of sand and guns when his training was for sea going vessels. I feel bitter, at a loss, and worried about our future. Pray I will be content. I want what God wants! Help me to remember this!

". . . Where you go I will go, and where you stay I will stay. . . ." Ruth 1:16

Friday, May 11, 2012


Tomorrow at our church, we're doing a Ladies Luncheon in honor of Mother's Day. Mothers & Daughters coming together to fellowship. This year we also signed up to decorate a table for the luncheon. So, my sister in law and mother in law and me. We worked together. Last minute. To put this table together. It was just comical trying to come up with something we all liked and thought would work.

One idea I had was to paste tissue paper to the underside of the clear plastic plates to give them color. I saw it somewhere a long time ago and always wanted to try it out. What better time than NOW, right?!?!?! Off I went to Google how to do this supposedly "easy" project. In my head it was easy peasy. Probably because my brain is crafty while my hands are not. Ha! I found directions. Here we go!

First you start off by covering your table with plastic, I used a trash bag.

This is to save the table from the glue that will for sure NOT stay on your plate. :) Trust me on this. You want to cover your table. (Think finger paints with young children only it's glue.)

Next, you gather your other materials.
I put the glue in one of those Glad containers and used a sponge to paint it on the bottom of the plate. But then my mother in law came over and added water to the glue and used a paint brush instead!!! I was AMAZED. Seriously. Why didn't I think of this before?

Then you use one of the plates as a template, trace it on the tissue paper, fold over, and cut out however many you need. We needed 8 dinner plates and dessert plates. :)
I didn't take pictures of me cutting it out. Why? Because I'm just not talented that way. So take my word for it.

Next you want to brush the glue/water mixture onto the underside of the plate, then cover it carefully with a tissue paper round. Let dry. It took about 2 hours for them to dry completely. After an hour you could touch them but not quite all the way dry. So for a while my table looked like this:

  My sister in law thought it'd be awesome to put a Bible verse on the bigger plates and then put the tissue paper over it. Here's the end product:
                                                                       Matthew 6:28.

Here's a sneak peek at the flowers:
Not the finished product, just a tease! Don't want to give away the whole table before its debut tomorrow! :)

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Spring is here!

Spring is in the air! There is no stopping it! One can try but you can't really. . . . I am really enjoying it this year with all my big kids.

God has blessed us with many things. Family who love us, a church where we can grow, and plenty of room to learn. I'm excited to see where God has going this summer and the rest of the year!

I hope y'all have an AWESOME summer!