Sunday, June 3, 2012

Life here is going along! We just went camping last weekend. It was pretty fun! My Eliza learned to ride a two wheeler. Now, I'm not much of a tent camper, but it was fun to be with the family other than at home. :)

We had to make a quick get away one day early from our camp trip due to inclement weather. So we had a make up campfire day over at my sister in law's house. It was pretty fun! Roasting marshmallows, talking with family, and just being with each other. 

I also have started a garden. Schuyler made me a raised garden bed about 4feet by 8 feet. Kind of small but more manageable than what we did last year. I think next year I'll ask him to make two though. I didn't realize my squash would over take the rest of the box. Ha ha ha. Good thing I have other things I can transplant into!

My herb garden. I love it. My mint even made babies.  And my arugula thinks it is a zucchini and can overtake the rest of the herbs. I had to transplant that one too. But I don't think it liked the move and is now dying. It's okay, I need to plant more onions. I just dug them all up and used/shared most of them. So now I have no natural bug repellent protecting my unsuspecting squashes and tomatoes. 

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