Wednesday, October 23, 2013

It's October!

We've had a lot going on since the last I posted! My husband and I celebrated an anniversary on September 27. 16 years married to my best friend.

Aren't we just the cutest? 

I was 18 and he was 19. We were really young. I wouldn't recommend getting married so young. We had a lot of growing up to do ourselves. I am so glad I got to do it with him though. I couldn't imagine spending the last 16 years without him by my side. I pray God blesses us with many many more years.

Last month we also remembered the son we had after we were married. He's up in heaven. I'd like to imagine him hanging out with his Grandpa W. and my Korean grandparents, all worshiping Jesus by dancing. Maybe singing too since my grandmother wasn't much of a dancer when I knew her. Maybe swapping stories about his Mom and Dad. Maybe looking down, chatting it up with Jesus about his little sisters and little brother. Who knows. I know his time on earth was exactly how many days God wanted. I remember hearing his heartbeat the day he was born. The nurse had put a heartbeat doppler on my belly that morning to check and all was normal. Till that afternoon when my water broke and our world, at that moment, fell apart. We held him, named him, kissed him, and loved him after he was born. I wish no one had to live through that. But now, many years after his birth and ascent into heaven, we remember quietly. I sometimes still shed a few tears, wishing I could hold him just one more time, and every year I hug my kids a little tighter thanking Jesus for letting us have the three right now on earth.

 And God started it all with us!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Upcoming celebrations!

This week marks the last half of September! The happiest and saddest half in our house! First, we celebrate Alex. He has a birthday this weekend, a whole year older! Can you believe it?!

Currently he wants to become a police officer and fight the bad guys. In this photo he wanted to be a pastor. Cute huh? He is adorable. He for sure said he wants a wife and several children. In the same breath he tells me he won't be son any more once he marries. We'll see. This kid cracks me up. 

He definitely adds awesome-sauce to our family. 

This month also adds other celebrations but more on those on another day. :) Today? I want to concentrate my cool son. He's so cute, handsome, hardworking, caring, and the best hugger in the whole world. 

Taking a tour of Rotella Bread factory in Millard, Nebraska. Hair nets required!

He said he needed an ice pack to heal his eye. (His eye was fine.)

Warming up next to the fire during Moira's piano lesson. :) 

Basketball scrimmage against the big boys one night!

More pics to come later! Enjoy!

Monday, September 9, 2013

The Desert!

So. Um. Tonight I'm making Chicken with Cream Sauce from Stacy Makes Scents. :) Link for ya:

I'm super duper excited.
The only picture I got of it was the chicken:

I'm so sorry. Ha ha ha ha. I boiled the chicken and shredded/cut it instead of cubing it like the recipe suggests. And then life happened, as it usually does in this household, then I forgot to take a picture of the finished product. It's all gone now though. Now you know it's YUMMY.

Now, on a different topic, do you see this giraffe?! It's super cool, super huge, and totally says "Buy me, then take me to your sister in law's house because she'll LOVE me." 
We saw it driving by one day back in June and finally went back last month to check it out. It was a day spent checking out all the cute antique and second hand stores on the other side a mountain range. Yup. You know, the city where the husband works, connected to the Hoover Dam.  

See? It's AWESOME.

At the same place was this horse. *I* want this horse. Doesn't it look swell?!?!

See this HUGE box of Mike & Ikes? It's for real. Full of candy. We didn't buy it although we really wanted to. We'd need to have a party and just serve those just to make the cost worth it. Sort of like the M&M Store on the Strip. You don't buy stuff there unless you have a special occasion. 

Here's a shot of the kiddos. We went exploring to Red Rock Canyon and all the kids found these jack rabbit ears to pose with. Aren't they adorable? I thought so. I took them home and didn't eat them. We plan on going back when it isn't so hot. 

We have this cool thing in the front of our house, a sort of courtyard type. We have a bench behind the kids there to sit on but it needs to be replaced. I'm thinking a table so we could have a little coffee time?

Do you like our palm tree and bushes? Our only lawn decor. You see the rocks my kids are standing on? OUR WHOLE LAWN is rocks just like that. Backyard, front yard, side yard. No grass. Just the big palm tree and those bushes. YUP. 

We've also started going to a church here in Las Vegas. It's a good drive from our house but we think it's worth it. We love the Word being taught and hope to get more plugged in. All 5 of us seem to enjoy the fellowship and the learning going on. Our oldest is in the in between stage here in Nevada, she's too young for the youth groupish phase and too old for the younger stage so she hangs with the younger during Sunday School and then with us during service. No more Junior Church for her! Next year though she'll jump into the Youth Group! How can that be?!?! I'm not ready for that yet! :) 

SO this is what's going on in Las Vegas. :) We are getting used to life here and just got busy. Decided to put both feet knee deep in the trenches. We've made some connections and hopefully it'll be the start of some awesome friendships God willing. 

Tuesday, August 6, 2013


Let me hook you up, bring you up to speed so to speak. We've moved! You'll never guess where. :-D

Our Moving Boxes all packed up!

To Las Vegas.

Yes. You read that right. We Packed up our house in Nebraska. Good ol' Nebraska. The best place ever to live. A place where it snows in the winter and our family and friends live. Where we had fun memories and the start of healing took place. BUT.

God Wanted Us Somewhere Else. 
So. We do what we do best and follow His leading.

Eliza posing in Kearney. :) 

We drove through Nebraska. :) It was lovely. Never been through Western Nebraska and it was pretty!

The Rockies!
And then we stayed in Colorado Springs and drove through the Rocky Mountains. Another kind of beauty I've never really seen or appreciated. I love how God showed me the beauty of this earth.

Towards the end of the Rocky Mountain Range. Our children loved the scenery also!

Then we made it to the desert! We crossed into Utah and Arizona before hopping into Nevada. This place we live in? It is surrounded by mountains, canyons, and desert. It is beautiful, hot, and wonderful.

We had to say goodbye to family, friends, and teachers.
Moira and her piano teacher in Nebraska, Ms. Hannah

But we are here now in Las Vegas. Making new friends and plugging into a church. Pray for us! We desperately need to get into a new groove. Find ways to work our schooling, healing for Schuyler, and new everything! We covet them and love you all! More updates will come, I promise!