Tuesday, August 6, 2013


Let me hook you up, bring you up to speed so to speak. We've moved! You'll never guess where. :-D

Our Moving Boxes all packed up!

To Las Vegas.

Yes. You read that right. We Packed up our house in Nebraska. Good ol' Nebraska. The best place ever to live. A place where it snows in the winter and our family and friends live. Where we had fun memories and the start of healing took place. BUT.

God Wanted Us Somewhere Else. 
So. We do what we do best and follow His leading.

Eliza posing in Kearney. :) 

We drove through Nebraska. :) It was lovely. Never been through Western Nebraska and it was pretty!

The Rockies!
And then we stayed in Colorado Springs and drove through the Rocky Mountains. Another kind of beauty I've never really seen or appreciated. I love how God showed me the beauty of this earth.

Towards the end of the Rocky Mountain Range. Our children loved the scenery also!

Then we made it to the desert! We crossed into Utah and Arizona before hopping into Nevada. This place we live in? It is surrounded by mountains, canyons, and desert. It is beautiful, hot, and wonderful.

We had to say goodbye to family, friends, and teachers.
Moira and her piano teacher in Nebraska, Ms. Hannah

But we are here now in Las Vegas. Making new friends and plugging into a church. Pray for us! We desperately need to get into a new groove. Find ways to work our schooling, healing for Schuyler, and new everything! We covet them and love you all! More updates will come, I promise!