Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Upcoming celebrations!

This week marks the last half of September! The happiest and saddest half in our house! First, we celebrate Alex. He has a birthday this weekend, a whole year older! Can you believe it?!

Currently he wants to become a police officer and fight the bad guys. In this photo he wanted to be a pastor. Cute huh? He is adorable. He for sure said he wants a wife and several children. In the same breath he tells me he won't be son any more once he marries. We'll see. This kid cracks me up. 

He definitely adds awesome-sauce to our family. 

This month also adds other celebrations but more on those on another day. :) Today? I want to concentrate my cool son. He's so cute, handsome, hardworking, caring, and the best hugger in the whole world. 

Taking a tour of Rotella Bread factory in Millard, Nebraska. Hair nets required!

He said he needed an ice pack to heal his eye. (His eye was fine.)

Warming up next to the fire during Moira's piano lesson. :) 

Basketball scrimmage against the big boys one night!

More pics to come later! Enjoy!

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