Friday, October 31, 2014

Loverly Things

Love. You know what I love?

Being wife to that awesome man and mom to those fantastic children! I sometimes wonder why God would bless me so but I have learned to not question such things. Just to praise and thank Him for them.

Then there is this desert we live in. It's dry and hot and has no mosquitoes. For most of the year. Plus it only rains maybe three times a year.  

Also it has these wonderful plants that bloom these gorgeous flowers. They are hot pink to boot. BONUS.

So while we never would willingly move to the Mojave Desert, or any desert really because who really wants to live in the desert, God has blessed with a good church, friends, and jobs we love. Pray we can be used for His good. 

Thursday, January 16, 2014

You are invited!

Recently I signed up to participate in an online Bible study called Made to Crave. I know, a big girl looking for a quick fix, right? Wrong. I'm at this point in my life where I realize my craving is in the wrong place! I have lost 20 pounds already in my journey and want to connect my weight loss journey with my journey with God. And I feel this study with Lysa Terkhurst book Made to Crave in an online Bible study setting will be a great way to start.

Would you like to join me? It's online so it'll be great for me to do, no place to go, and I can do it at my own pace. Woohoo!!! Sort of like an online class, only FREE and you get to better your self!

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